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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  September 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning on good day: a deadly shooting in tampa. and the victim... just 17-months old. ((jen plus: terror... in the streets of manhattan. a new threat overnight... and a traffic stop, that could provide some answers. ((walter and... a bucs win, wasn't in the ?cards. what jameis winston has to say about moving on from here. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now,
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with dave. a developing story this morning in tampa: where a ?toddler has been shot and killed. it happened at the clipper bay apartments. that's in the 67 hundred block of south lois avenue, just outside of macdill air force base. and fox 13's shayla reaves in the neighborhood
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new this morning: a florida missing child alert. it's for ?three small children... in north florida. four year old "elijah rose"... 1 year old "emirie"... and three year old "cayden pochatko." the siblings were last seen with 26 year old "tiffany po-chat- ko". it's still not clear if that's they're mother. they were last see in fernandina beach, just north of jacksonville. a florida amber alert is in effect this morning... for ?two missing siblings. officials in citrus county
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of the kids. and they released this photo of the kids... take a good look at them. this is three year old "rylan williams" and one-year-old "mason williams." officials believe they're heading to west virginia or ohio with 38-year-old stacey williams and her husband "ryan willams." deputies say the couple has a volatile relationship and are known drug users... which could put the children in danger. we spoke to a former neighbor that said deputies were ?frequently at the family home... and things ?did get violent: deputies say the williams family may be traveling in a 2000, white, ford expedition with ?this florida tag... d-n-s-c-6-2. again -- officials believe they're heading to west virginia or ohio. if you see the vehicle or the two siblings -- you're asked to call 9-1-1. the terror threat continues this morning in the
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overnight... police found ?another suspicious package in a trash can. this time, outside a train station in elizabeth, new jersey. the package has been removed... by train service is on hold, until they can clear the area. also overnight... authorities took five people into custody after a traffic stop near the verrazano bridge in new york. they are questioning them about an explosion in manhattan on sunday. the bomb went off saturday night in a chelsea neighborhood along 23rd street. the blast shattered nearby glass windows, as people ran for cor. people were injured... but thankfully ?everyone survived. and on 27th street... a similar pressure-cooker device with a cellphone attached... was left on the sidewalk. it failed to detonate. new york is now bringing in extra security... from the state... and the federal government... more than one ?thousand armed officers. new york's governor sending a
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officials say the bomb contained residue of an explosive that is used for target practice and can be bought at many sporting goods stores. law enforcement sources believe the explosive devices used in new york ... were made by the ?same person who made a pipe bomb that went off happened in seaside heights inside a trash can. it was in the same area where a five-k run was about to take place... honoring marines and sailors. thankfully the race was ?delayed due to reports of an unattended backpack. no one was injured and there was no serious damage. much of that extra security today in new york... will be at the united nations building. that's because president obama will be there, to speak with the general assembly. the meeting was already planned ?before those attacks. and the subject of terrorism will likely be
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the area around the u-n building is expected to be ?completely closed off today to traffic and pedestrians. and while all that was going on in the new york area... ?another attack was happening in minnesota saturday night. and this time "isis" ?is claiming responsibility. a man dressed as security entered the mall with a knife and started stabbing people. ?nine people were injured before an off-duty police officer shot and killed him. it's not immediately known if isis ?planned the attack or if this was a lone wolf wanted to be accepted by isis. the family identied the attacker as "dahir adan " a man who was born in kenya and was later a somali refugee who moved to america. and people here in manatee county got a terror scare of their own. neighbors were forced out of their homes late saturday night... because of a bomb threat. but later, 50- year-old "nuria gur-soy" was arrested -- after deputies say she called in the threat. she texted her next door
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on his back lanai. after bomb sniffing dogs gave the all clear -- "gursoy" told deputies that the text was an empty threat. new this morning: a convienence store in tampa has to clean up... after a car crashed right into it. it happened last night at "charlies food mart", at the corner of sligh and roulette. the driver and passenger of the car were injured and taken to the hospital. the store owner was already covering the whole with plywood when we arrived. no word on charges. pasco county deputies are se who they say ?stabbed the owner of a motorcycle shop... and ?trashed the business. authorities say it all started around 11:00 sunday morning when william engle met with his ex-girlfriend at a 7-11 to discuss a child custody issue. engle's boss was present.. and when engle and his ex-girlfriend argued.. deputies say engle tried to slash his ex-girlfriend's tires. the boss intervened and engle cut him on the hand and across the stomach - but the injuries were minor.. after that, deputies say
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line road and u.s. 19.. and went to action honda.. using his car to ram the glass showroom doors of the business...((more)) here's a look at the aftermath.. he caused more than $75-thousand dollars worth of damage.. before leaving on a white motorcycle. anyone with information on engle's whereabouts.. is asked to call 9-1-1. governor rick scott will be in south florida today... with some ?positive news about the zika virus. he's expected to announce that the zika zone in the wynwood neighborhood of miami will finally this comes just days after the miami beach zika zone was ?expanded after five new, non- travel related cases were confirmed there. the democratic mayor of miami beach.. phil levine... has been at odds with the governor over how the state has handled the outbreak. levine thinks there needs to be better communication with
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aerial spraying in the area resumed on sunday-- as well as standing water removal. so far the total number of zika cases in out state stands at 835. a heads up for drivers going through downtown tampa today. detour... on channelside drive. several lanes will be closed this morning for a massive construction project. one lane on the ?north side of channelside drive will close between florida avenue and jefferson street. lanes closures on morgan street and channelside will also continue. that's right across the street from the amalie arena. morgan street should reopen by november. but the channelside lanes will stay closed... until next summer! drivers be detoured onto florida avenue... to get on the expressway. ((jen the construction is all part of the new improvements to the channel
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lightning owner jeff vinik. and coming up tomorrow... we'll get a clearer picture of the future of the channelside bay plaza. the developer will give an update on that portion of the project. the shopping center has struggled since it opened in the early 2000's... but it's now a a key part of the 2-billion-dollar channelside and downtown redevelopment plan. homeowners in citrus county. if you still have storm damage from hurricane hermine... start putting it outside. county crews will be picking up storm debris later tihs morning. the county will collect debris from every road with public access.. west of and make sure you separate your debris: trees and limbs in one pile.. furniture and building materials in another. county leaders are planning to do one other debris pickup... but no date has been set. watching the bucs game felt like ?punishment.. but.. we're only two games into the season.. coming up in about 10 minutes.. what jameis winston has to say about moving on from this brutal loss.. and: three shark attacks
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this happened on the east coast of our state.. find out why these sharks were on the prowl - next. break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30
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the shark bite capital of the world.... is living up to it's scary nickname new smyrna beach just had ?three they all took place within two hours... starting at ten a-m. three surfers were in the water, and quickly became snack food , getting cuts on their hands and legs. one of the surfers was a 16 year old boy. thankfully the injuries were not that serious. and not even all those attacks... could keep other surfers out of the water. beach patrol officers think the rise in bait fish could be
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time to talk some sports this morning. if you can't stand the heat... get out of the desert! and we know the bucs couldn't wait to get out of there sunday. they took on the arizona cardinals in week two. and it looked like a ?completely different bucs team... from week one. and you could tell how things were gonna go, on the bucs first jameis winston goes deep to mike evans... trying to test one of the games best cornerbacks, patrick peterson. winston ?fails that test... and gets picked off. and that was one of the only bucs turnovers arizona ?didnt capitalize on. later in the quarter, carson palmer and larry fitzgerald... these two were connecting all game. then right before the half... the cards put a fork in em. palmer deep to
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touchdown. the bucs trailed 24 nothing. the bucs did come out of halftime fired up... marched 75 yards and scored, a 19 yard grab to mike evans. the bucs on the board... 24 to 7. but they wouldn't score again. the cards win... 40 to 7. five turnovers for th ints from winston. here's
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not only did they lose the game... but several players got hurt. running back doug martin left the game with a hamstring injury... defensive end robert ayers also injured his ankle and was wearing a boot after the game... wide receiver cecil shorts got a hamstring injury ... and tight end luke stocker gets an ankle injury. we'll get an update on all those injuries later today. and nfl sunday wrapped up ?late last night... just before midnight in fact. the vikings hosting the green bay packers in minnesota's brand new home... "u.s. bank stadium." minnesota's first regular season game in there... and boy did they break it in. backup quarterback "sam bradford" led the vikings with 286 yards and two touchdowns, holding off aaron rodgers and the packers. rodgers threw a late
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vikings win... 17 to 14. when we come back, i'll have another check on your monday forecast. plus: ?what's that sound? and should new iphone customers be ?concerned? why the company is
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making headlines across america this morning: a scare for some airline passengers in denver last night. plane was trying to take off... but kept driving right ?off the runway. it ended up in a grassy area and didnt ?hit anything thankfully. the plane was heading from denver to reno, nevada. passengers say the pilot told them as they turned onto the runway, the brakes went out... so he had to find some way to slow them down. no one was hurt. the samsung phone fires... continue. this time, in china. two galaxy note 7 phones caught fire over the weekend. this would be the ?first time the phones caught fire over there.
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that phone uses a ?different battery, than the note 7 sold here in the states. the note 7 was recalled in the states because that battery was linked to fires. a new note 7 is due to hit stores... later this week. that's not static you're hearing... that's a ?hiss. and it's coming from a brand new iphone 7! several users have reported hearing the sound after buying their phone over the weekend. data. apple has not commented on it... and right now it doesn't appear to be a widespread problem. just the sound of a hard working computer processor. most apple stores ?are offering to replace it though. in our next half hour - filling open positions in bay area schools.. laura moody takes a look at the jobs that are difficult to fill - and the exceptional teachers who are up to the challenge.. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves gathering information - on the
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